Monday, August 6, 2018

How to Style Crazy Curls: My Hair Care Routine

Over the years I have worked on taming my naturally curly hair. It isn't easy, but I've found what works for me now. 

Background: My hair is naturally extremely curl yet pretty fine. It is a medium brunette color. I wore it natural for most of my life with the help of mousse and gel. In college I used to straighten it a lot (because everyone wants the hair that they don't have). I then began straightening it and re-curling it (hello heat damage and split ends). Then I discovered hair extensions...

Extensions: I always loved long, voluminous hair, and although mine had good length, I wanted a little additional thickness. I first started wearing Bellami extensions and then discovered my Barefoot Blonde Hair extensions. I currently wear the BFB extensions in the color Peanut Butter and Jealous (cute). These extensions are a product of Amber Fillerrup (amazingly beautiful blogger and business woman). These extensions are great quality and have beautiful color matches. You can also get samples of their colors sent to you to try! I have been very impressed with these extensions and have repurchased for the 4th time. I even wore them for my wedding! I don't wear everyday, but more often then not I do to give a little extra volume to my style.

Routine: I like to workout and used to wash my hair daily, but have finally gotten to the point where I can wash it 2x a week. This was a challenge for me and took some getting used to. After washing, I then let it air dry, touch up the fly-a-ways with a straightener at the roots and touch up the curls with a tapered 1-1.5 inch barrel wand. I also recently got balayage highlights (only the second time every adding color to my hair). I asked my stylist to do an ashy blonde with face framing highlights. 

Products: I wish I could say I have a magic shampoo or conditioner, but I don't. I typically buy drug store and switch it up every few months. If you have a good recommendation let me know! I've heard good things about this product, but it is an investment. Drugstore wise I really like this Suave combo; the conditioner really softened my hair. On my wet hair I always apply Moroccan Oil (version for blondes here) as well as this leave in conditioner that I swear by! I also try to use a heat protectant (when I remember) and finish off my curls with my holy grail John Frieda hair spray. To tame my curls, I use a 1-1.5inch tapered barrel curling wand. 

That is about it! Let me know if you have any questions or product recommendations!


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  3. Sometimes maybe a long wavy wig is also a good choice, in that sense you needn't dye or curl your natural hair, which does great harm to your hair.