Monday, January 14, 2019

Boston Travel Guide Part Two: The Food

If you didn't catch part one of my Boston travel guide, check it out HERE! I had to make a "Part Two" of the travel guide to talk about all of the amazing food we experienced in Boston! Some places were recommended and some we stumbled upon while wandering around. All are highly recommend!

Love, Christina

1. Tatte
This trendy breakfast/lunch/brunch spot was one of the cutest and yummiest places I have visited. With a few locations around the city, Tatte is a popular spot for your dose of avo toast, a picturesque latte, or baked goods galore. I can also not get enough of the mini hexagon tiles, brass light fixtures, or their fresh eucalyptus center pieces.We loved this place so much we ate here twice!

2. Union Oyster House
Claiming to be "the oldest restaurant in America" this popular spot did not disappoint. Home to various types of oysters, warm hearty clam chowder, and a one-of-a-kind Samual Adams brew. It was also named one of Conde Nast's "Best Restaurants in Boston" for 2018!

3. Quincey Market
This food hall is a must see when visiting Boston! The all granite building dates back to 1826 and now holds a vast variety of eats and shops! I highly recommend the lobster roll! Worth the splurge!

4. Lucca
Boston's North End neighborhood is home to Freedom Trail history, local bars, and some of America's best Italian eateries! We ate at Lucca, and loved everything from the dimly lit romantic atmosphere to the homemade Bolognese sauce. We heard from many locals that you can't go wrong with any Itialian restaurants in this neighborhood, but we loved our dinner at Lucca!

5. Georgetown Cupcake on Newbury Street
I was familiar with Georgetown cupcake from the hit TLC show "DC Cupcakes" as well as the location in New York's SoHo neighborhood. Their cupcakes are superior to any cupcake shop I have ever tried. With many different varieties and seasonal selections, I highly recommend making this spot a priority if you are in NYC, Boston, DC, Bethesda, Atlanta, or LA. (I recommend the red velvet, pumpkin cheese cake, or carrot cake!) I may or may not have brought two home as well; yep... they sat on my lap on the plane ride home...

6. Met Back Bay
I love when you stumble upon restaurants that turn out to be incredible! We were walking in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood one morning looking for a hearty brunch place and we read the menu at Met Back Bay and decided to give it a try! This spot was incredible! The decor was modern, the staff was very friendly, and the food was top notch! (Side note: I was also obsessed with their bathroom tile!)

7. Mike's Pastry Shop
I was a bit skeptical about this touristy bakery with the long lines, and big reputation, but Mike's Pastry shop was the perfect sweet to finish off a wonderful dinner in Boston's North End neighborhood. I love cannolies and the northern states do them right: Not too sweet and a homemade shell that can not be replicated. Worth the wait in line, but I think any local bakery would be as well!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Exploring Boston...

Sweater: Aerie (on sale!), Jacket: Topshop (also here and love this), Leggings: old (love THESE and these)| 
Headwrap: Aerie (on sale! also love this)|Bag: Vintage Coach by Magnolia Vintage Co. via Atomic Furniture and Design| 
Boots: Old Navy (old, similar here and love these)Hair: Barefoot Blonde shade Peanut Butter and Jealous

I wore this look on day one of exploring Boston. It was a blistery, cold late fall day. I was excited to finally break out the cooler clothes and winter layers after an unseasonably warm "fall" in South Carolina. This look was both functional for walking miles around the city and cute enough to convince my husband to snap a few pictures next to a old beautiful cathedral. I hope everyone is having a great week! I am counting down the days until my 30th birthday on Thursday, ah! I wasn't too worried about turning 30 until it started to approach quicker... Did anyone else freak out over this milestone birthday? Let me know, I might need you to talk me through this one. 
Love, Christina

Monday, January 7, 2019

Anew 2019...

There is something about a new year that causes a rustling inside of me. A rustling of new adventure, of new goals, and of a new commitment. I love the turn of the year for that. This year I wanted to write a post about where I'm going... 

I know I technically re-dedicated this blog this past fall and promised to commit to consistent content. Well, sometimes you just get busy, or your priorities are elsewhere, or you need time to feel inspired or need to get back on track. But I've been praying about this space a lot and I love this blog. It feels like me. Moving forward in 2019 I want to continue to grow this space. I want to post curated content about fashion, faith, lifestyle, and travel that inspires me in hopes to inspire others. I also want it to be place of grace for me. If I don't post 3-4 times/week, every week, that is okay! I hope that you find this content relatable and inspiring. Thank you for being here!

December 31st, 2018 was the bookend of an amazingly beautiful year of change. I got married, started a new family, built a new house, and started a new job. 2018 blessed me with beautiful memories, challenges, and life lessons. Here are a few things I learned as well as a few things I hope to learn in 2019... 

2018, you taught me it is okay to be vulnerable. I have a very hard time with this. Even admitting I have a hard time with vulnerability makes me feel uncomfortably vulnerable. That got a little deep, but what I'm getting at is this: I always like to show people my best and sometimes (a lot of times) I can't and that's okay! The imperfections are based on parameters only I have made up in my head. God and my loved ones love me despite the imperfections. I didn't truly realize that until this year. 

2018, you taught me what it means to truly love. I've always felt like I understood love. But it wasn't until this year that I discovered true, unconditional love. Giving and receiving. It's pretty special and I'm pretty sure the most beautiful thing in life.

2018, you taught me what is really important. Finishing my todo list before the crowd of people arrive over to my house isn't what is important. Having the right color napkins for the part, having my guest bedrooms perfectly organized, or having the right serving plates paired with perfect pinterest-picturesque food isn't what is important. What IS important are those people coming over and the memories I will make. 2019, I hope you continue to remind me of this one. 

Now onto what I hope to learn in 2019...

2019, I hope you teach me how to truly be faithful. My semi-type-A personality makes it challenging for me to truly give all of my worries over to God. This year I want to trust in His goodness and hand all things over instead of trying to control them (sound familiar?). God will not give me more then I can handle with His help. I want to trust in that this year.

2019, I hope you teach me how to truly connect with people. Believe it or not, I am actually quite shy and introverted. I hope to learn how to value face to face friendships and time spend.

2019, I hope you teach me how to love my self. This is something I've always struggled with and I believe many others do too. We all have health and fitness goals for the new year, but I think it runs deeper than that... we want to try and be the best form of ourselves that we can be.. or perhaps it's actually accepting that we already are... 

Happy 2019. I hope this year is off to a beautiful start. I can't wait to see where this year takes The Style Storm. 

Love, Christina