Monday, February 11, 2019

Trader Joes Haul

Why Trader Joes?
Like many of us these days, I am a huge fan of Trader Joes. It is the "affordable Whole Foods" to many, but to me it is an affordable and friendly place to buy organic and healthy-er options to create meals for my family. We live about 20 minutes from the Trader Joes in Greenville, but I try to make a weekly voyage to stock up on my go-to items, meats, and produce. I can't get 100% of my groceries there, but I would say about 80%. As I need other items throughout the week, I stop at a local grocery on my way home from work.

Atmosphere: Trader Joes employees are so friendly! They are also wizards when it comes to the Jenga packing of the recyclable grocery bags. I want their skills... A few other reasons I love Trader Joes is because of the selection of affordable fresh flowers! Eucalyptus, baby's breath, blush roses, and white hydrangeas are my go-tos to brighten up my kitchen and dinning room. I can always snag these beauties at Trader Joes. Also, life hack (!!) Trader Joes has the BEST selection of cards (birthday, thank you, baby, wedding, and even blank) and they are ONLY 99 cents! I always snag a couple to have on hand for various events! They also have a great selection of wines, beers, hostess gifts, and non-toxic household items.

My weekly go-tos:1. Produce: (I try to buy organic, especially for the items on the "Dirty Dozen List.") blue berries, black berries, spring mix, arugula, oranges, apples, tomatos, sweet potatoes, avocado, and mushrooms.

2. Dry Goods: Veggie pasta, pasta sauce, olive oil, brown basmati rice, tortillias, bread/bagels/wheat thins, brand cereal, and creamy tomato soup
3. Meats: organic chicken tenders, ground turkey, shrimp, pork chops, ground beef or steak
4. Cold Goods: milk, eggs, greek yogurt, goat cheese, deli meat, lite mexican cheese, sliced munster cheese, kombucha, and sometimes cookie dough :)
5. Frozen Goods: sweet potato gnocchi, organic broccoli, asian stir fry vegetable mix, gluten free waffles, and all white meat chicken nuggets
6. Snacks: lite string cheese, plantain chips, fig cookies, blue corn tortilla chips, almonds, pretzels, dried apricots, and lara bars

Weekly Go-to Meals:
1. Organic veggie/wheat pasta with harvest marinara and homemade turkey meat balls
2. Grilled chicken pasta with olive oil, greens, tomatos, mushrooms, and spices
3. Grilled bbq pork chops with sweet potato gnocchi, and broccoli   
4. Beef or shrimp tacos, on corn tortillas with cheesey lime, brown basmati rice and arugala side salad topped with grilled mushrooms
5. Breakfast for dinner: scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, waffles, greek yogurt, and berries
6. Asian honey sesame chicken over brown basmati rice with stir fry veggies
7. Grilled steak with sweet potato and steamed green beans 
8. Grilled chicken cesar salads
9. Chicken sausage, sweet potato gnochi, and asparagus/onion stir fry
10. Grilled cheese on sour dough with tomato soup 

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